ann hartley alys beach the finds
  • curated collection

    The shop featured a carefully edited collection of finds from around the world—many pieces are one-of-a-kind, which meant that things changed often. Ann is constantly looking for the unique and the beautiful—selling pieces that add a global touch to your home or wardrobe. All to—look, touch, feel and enjoy!

  • found objects

    Ann loves the adventures of traveling—digging in Denpasar markets, scouring the flea markets around Paris, pausing while offerings happen in Indonesia, shopping the 1000 year old souks in Marrakech—to find the extraordinary—the statement pieces for you and your home.

  • jewelry

    Featuring shimmering silvers and gold, crazy wonderful color and antique bronze from artisans around the world

  • clothing

    Being a retail queen in Dallas before moving to 30A, Ann brings her sense of style, love of fashion and colorful arty-ness to the way you dress yourself and your home.

  • gifts

    Perfect gifts for anyone, anytime.

[photos by Ann's first born, Walt—genius filmmaker and photographer] Walt Hartley / Blue Door Video.

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